High Output Alternators for First Responders

First Responder Vehicles

Many first responding vehicles need heavy-duty alternators to function through their everyday schedule. Many alternators are not sufficient enough to handle the electrical loads needed. A lot of the emergency vehicles are equipped with factory alternators, which are more reliable than passenger cars, but need to rev up their engines so that the alternators can have the adequate electrical load.

Since many emergency vehicles, such as fire trucks, spend a majority of their time at idle – the engine and electrical energy will wear out. Fire engines will spend spend many hours at idle, on average 8,709 hours at idle a year. Buying an Eco-ech alternator will reduce the wear of the battery life.

What will the Echo-Tech Alternator Do?

The Echo-Tech alternator will have a high output, high RPM alternator that can power through jobs many alternators will struggle. “An Eco-Tech alternator can satisfy an output of 260 Amperes at 1,800 RPM, while our competitors’ typically need to operate at a very noisy, fuel consuming 3,000 RPM.” Out alternators do not require the unneeded maintenance, and will not breakdown as compared to our competitors. It saves on battery replacement and wear of the engine.


Better for the Environment
Eco Alternators create less of a carbon footprint than most other vehicle alternators. They reduce engine drag by up to 50 percent and give off less toxic emissions. They offer superior performance at idle, while improving fuel economy. It can do all of this without sacrificing voltage, and eliminates the high output at idle.


HFD 6How an Eco-Tech Alternator Can Save You Money
Since our alternators use 50 percent less drag, it shows a large reduction in pollution and toxic fumes into the environment. Many Alternators have this problem with wasted fuel. People who invest in an Eco-Tech alternator in a basic heavy truck can save on average $1,000 a year. Just from the first year of use, the savings alone will pay for the cost of the alternator.


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