powerline_truckOne of the major manufacturers of alternators that function in every capacity, Powerline offers a series of Powerline replacement alternators that are specially made for vehicles that require a high output, heavy duty alternator. These types of vehicles vary, but regularly include school buses, ambulances, fire trucks, and utility trucks.

These vehicles require such a heavy duty alternator not because of their size and weight, but more because they require an alternator that can sustain a high electrical output at idle. When you think about these types of vehicles and what their function is, they perform many functions at idle. From wheelchair lifts to lights, these vehicles require a strong, durable alternator.

The problem with Powerline replacement alternators and most heavy-duty alternators on the market is the fact that while they easily sustain a high electrical output, they also place the motor at high RPM. It can be exceedingly tough to find a high output, low RPM alternator.

Switching to Eco-Tech provides many benefits for the end user. An Eco-Tech alternator produces 1,800 RPM at idle for a 260-amp model, while the lowest its competitors can reach is 2,000 RPM.

This is just one example of the many types of alternators that Eco-Tech manufacturers, all with magnet technology, and all environmentally friendly.

The switch to Eco-Tech saves money and cost on several different levels. Because of the high output at low RPM, it saves you by less wear and tear on the engine, less battery replacement, and less wear and tear on the alternator itself. An Eco-Tech choice also eliminates the fuel penalty during high idle operation, saving thousands in fuel per year.

Eco-Tech alternators also eliminate the need for the installation of extra components, such as high idle devices or load shedding units. Eco-friendly, durable, these Eco-Tech high output, low RPM alternators are a terrific choice for cutting costs while going green.

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