Specialty Vehicle Alternator

28v-165amp-satellite-truck A larger, specialty vehicle often has to sit for long periods, with the engine running. Vehicles such as ambulances and emergency vehicles, school buses, and shuttle buses can often sit for minutes at a time, their engines idling. In a vehicle with a run of the mill, “regular” alternator, this can cause several things to happen. First of all, engine RPMs typically increase with an engine at idle, putting unnecessary strain on the engine. A voltage increase happens during this idle time as well, not only straining, but draining the battery in the vehicle. Choosing a more efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly alternator can have a great effect on how a specialty vehicle performs at idle, in the end saving on maintenance and lost time, and money needed to repair vehicles.

Eco-Tech uses a patented magnet technology that allows our alternators to perform at a high output, without draining the battery or straining the engine. For example, the Eco-Tech 305-I alternator can generate an output of 260 Amperes while its less economical counterparts generate that same amount of power at 2,000 RPMs.

Our alternators can easily handle a specialty vehicle’s electrical load at idle, so that no unnecessary strain occurs on the battery. Other alternators see a significant spike in voltage when an engine must sit at idle for an extended period of time. Beyond just electrical voltage needed when an engine sits at idle, with an installed Eco-Tech alternator, an electrical load can be much higher, even able to withstand a Telma brake retarder, or static inverter.

In addition to benefits experienced by the battery and engine, a significant fuel economy savings is seen with an installed Eco-Tech alternator. High idle operation not only depletes the battery and engine, but can cost a pretty penny in gas as well. Because the engine does not “kick over” into high idle, much less fuel is needed when a specialty vehicle sits at idle. In addition, 50 percent less engine drag is experienced with an installed Eco-Tech alternator.

For more information about installing an Eco-Tech alternator in a specialty vehicle, please give Eco-Tech a call at (203) 230-3000 to learn how your engine can perform more efficiently.