Utility Truck Alternator

A specialty vehicle, such as a utility truck’s electrical system has to generate truck1enough power at engine idle to power most, if not all of its equipment when an equipment crew is at work. When this type of vehicle has a “regular” alternator installed, and has to run at idle for long periods of time, the engine RPMs will usually have to be increased in order for that alternator to be able to generate a larger output of power. In addition to putting strain on the engine, the increased demand put on the alternator will usually cause its output voltage to drop due to the alternator being overloaded when spinning at too low an rpm. A large supply of power is needed, especially at low RPMs, to support all of the critical electrical loads of a vehicle such as a utility truck. When an Eco-Tech alternator is installed in a vehicle it not only relieves strain on the engine, but also on the batteries by generating ample power efficiently at a lower RPM to satisfy most of these trucks’ electrical needs.

Eco-Tech uses our patented technology in all our alternators, and an Eco-Tech unit installed on your engines can generate a larger output without an RPM increase. For example, one of our most popular models, the Eco-Tech 305-I, generates excellent power, 260 Amperes when an engine is at idle. Most of our competitors’ alternators can only reach the 85-90 Amperes range at idle.

Eco-Tech alternators were designed to support a high electrical load at low engine speed. In such applications there is a greater strain on the alternator at engine idle, but our unique heavy duty alternator was designed to handle high loads at idle with a peak efficiency of 80%. Work site lighting, power tools, ventilation fans, lights, and pumps are easily handled with an Eco-Tech alternator.

In addition to reducing strain on the engine and batteries, Eco-Tech alternators will help make your fleet more fuel efficient, thereby saving you costs on fuel.

To learn more about how an installed Eco-Tech alternator can save you money and promote efficiency in your utility truck or other specialty vehicle, please call Eco-Tech today at (203) 230-3000 to speak with a member of our staff.