Commercial Truck Alternator

Commercial trucks need to run for extended periods of time, PB Cumminsand do so with guaranteed reliability. Eco-Tech knows that it’s important that an alternator provide power reliably and efficiently.

Eco-Tech’s high output low RPM alternators were specifically designed for heavy duty applications that demand a significant amount of power, especially at low RPM. Innovative and efficient technology allows all of the alternators available from Eco-Tech to run at a lower speed and lower RPM, generating high output at idle while remaining more powerful than competitors.

Our low RPM alternators deliver over 80% of rated output at idle therefore has no problem managing high continuous electrical loads found on commercial trucks. For example, the Eco-Tech 305-I high efficiency alternator delivers 260 Amperes of power at 1,800 RPM and 325 Amperes at 6000RPM.

An alternator that runs at a lower speed helps with operating costs and promotes a significant fuel savings. Up to 50 percent less engine drag is used with an Eco-Tech high efficiency alternator, extending the life of the alternator in addition to reducing toxic emissions.

These powerful alternators also extend battery life by getting rid of deep discharge battery cycles that cause a battery to wear out much more quickly. The Eco-Tech high efficiency low RPM Alternator has a built in regulator with a remote auto sensing connection, so that the proper voltage can be maintained at the battery. Alternator life and reliability are improved due to the ease with which Eco-Tech Alternators handle high electrical loads.

Our alternators are available in Pad mount, J-180 mount, and J9 mount (Niehoff replacement alternator). They are supported with a service parts program for economical service repair.

To learn more about Eco-Tech high efficiency alternators please give Eco-Tech a call today at (203) 230-3000 to speak with a professional member of our staff.