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When Ecoair Corp. designed its alternators, heavy duty vehicles including fire trucks, ambulances, and utility company bucket trucks were using high idle systems so that these vehicles would not deplete their batteries.  Eco-Tech alternators’ original design objectives were: at least 240 amps at 1,800 alternator RPM’s (idle), at least 70% efficiency, and a doubling of output per lb. at idle as compared to conventional alternators.  By exceeding these performance targets, Eco-Tech alternators enable vehicles to perform their missions while saving fuel and engine wear by making high idle operation unnecessary, to avoid deep discharging of batteries thereby extending batteries lives, to reduce exhaust emissions, and to improve fuel economy in over-the-road operation due to high efficiency across all operating conditions.  Most importantly, Eco-Tech alternator users have experienced unmatched high output at low engine speeds, typically at least twice the output of similar sized conventional alternators.

Ecoair achieved the unique performance improvements in its Eco-Tech alternators by making use of permanent magnets in the rotor.  Scientists have understood that permanent magnet alternators and motors are the most power dense and efficient electric machines.  Ecoair patented an invention that incorporates permanent magnets in its alternators reliably and cost effectively.

Eco-Tech alternators are available in14V and 28V versions and in J-180, J9-180, and pad mount models.  Original equipment manufacturers of fire trucks, shuttle buses, utility company bucket trucks, fishing and pleasure boats, and the US Navy’s high-speed river craft are current applications.   Eco-Tech alternators have demonstrated unmatched fuel economy advantages in generator sets where fuel efficiency is a major objective.