Fuel Savings Calculator

Eco-Tech alternators use less engine horsepower per watt generated than conventional claw pole (Lundell) alternators do.  Typical efficiencies of conventional alternators range from 45 to 55% as compared to 80% for Eco-Tech alternators.  In addition, in many applications high idle operation can be avoided thereby saving the 50% fuel use penalty while high idle is activated.  The following Fuel Use Calculator considers electrical load, amount of typical time for high idle and normal operation, and fuel cost to determine fuel savings per year.  In many cases the payback of the total cost of an Eco-Tech alternator occurs is less than one year.

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The alternator is the most critical part for a vehicle that does not have a diesel based APU (genset).  When we are running we don’t need to idle the truck at all when the truck is at rest.  If we are stopped for the weekend, we just idle the truck for 2-4 hours a day (less with sunshine) which is only 1.5-3.0 gallons of fuel per day.  There have been days when we didn’t idle the truck at all.