Eco-Tech Alternators were developed to address the need for high output at low engine speed. Eco-Tech Alternators can be specified for new vehicles or retrofitted for older vehicles and has been used in a variety of specialty vehicles. The following is a list of appropriate applications along with a list of the electrically driven components that create the need for a high amp alternator.

Fire & Heavy Rescue Apparatus

        • Telma electromagnetic brake retarders
        • DC telescopic lighting
        • Static inverters
        • Electro-mechanical sirens
        • Scene lighting

The Eco-Tech Alternator’s idle output exceeds all other currently available alternators and exceeds the NFPA 1901 recommended minimum continuous load requirements.


        • Static inverters
        • Scene lighting
        • Onboard diagnostic equipment
        • Electro-mechanical sirens

Ford Ambulance application for the E and F series chassis with 7.3L diesel engines can be upgraded using the T-305-I Eco-Tech Alternator.

Utility Vehicles

        • Inverters to power bucket heaters
        • Pumps
        • Power tools
        • Work site lighting
        • Ventilation fans

Field service utility vehicles used by electric, cable, telephone and fleet service companies have currently installed Eco-Tech Alternators. Read More about utility truck alternators.

Shuttle Buses

        • Extended idle time
        • Extreme heat hinders output
        • Air conditioning fans
        • Cabin lights

Shuttle buses rarely achieve engine speeds that enable other alternators to charge the batteries. Therefore, batteries in these buses are deep cycling. Eco-Tech alternators solve this problem.

Limousine & Limousine Party Buses

        • Idle waiting time
        • Stop and go traffic
        • Fans used for heating and air conditioning
        • Mood lighting
        • Static inverters for AC electrical loads
        • Smoke machines

These buses also experience short battery lives due to deep cycling, a problem that Eco-Tech Alternators solves.

School & Transit Buses

        • Extra fan load for roof mounted air conditioning
        • Wheel chair lifts
        • Lighted folding warning lights
        • Stop and go with little high speed operation

Eco-Tech Alternators are operating successfully in school buses in hot climates like Houston, Texas. Read more about transit bus alternators.

Tow Trucks & Tractor Trailers

        • Body lighting
        • Lift gates
        • Optional equipment for overnight use and travel

Commercial Fishing Boats

        • Deck lighting
        • Winch loads
        • Trawler and Long Liner operation at extended slow speeds

Fishing fleets in Iceland and Alaska have successfully used Eco-Tech case isolated 28 Volt Alternators.

Construction & Mining Equipment

        • Work lighting
        • Electric brake retarders

28 Volt vehicles used in surface mining and in construction have high electrical loads at low speed, an ideal Eco-Tech Alternator application.

Surveillance & Telecommunications Vehicles

        • Multi-media equipment
        • Boom lighting
        • CB, high band, and low band radios

In gas engine applications larger four inch diameter pulleys have been utilized to keep Eco-Tech Alternators operating under the specified, maximum continuous 8,000 RPM. Due to their high output at a low RPM, in most cases Eco-Tech alternators still supply the needed electrical power.

Motor Homes & SUVs

        • DVD players
        • Stereo systems
        • Video games
        • Remote starters
        • Heated seats and mirrors
        • Auxiliary air conditioning
        • Static inverters

Increasingly, these vehicles have been outfitted with electrically driven components that overtax conventional alternators on motorhomes and trailer buses.