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High Output Alternators for First Responders

First Responder Vehicles Many first responding vehicles need heavy-duty alternators to function through their everyday schedule. Many alternators are not sufficient enough to handle the electrical loads needed. A lot of the emergency vehicles are equipped with factory alternators, which are more reliable than passenger cars, but need to rev up their engines so that […]

The fix for high electrical loads at low engine RPM

Our article on Medium explains what an alternator is, and why you should purchase a quality alternator. Alternators are important for generating electricity, and satisfying the electrical load for vehicles. We mention the appropriate alternator for each type of vehicle. Smaller vehicles can use the stock alternator, while larger vehicles should use the high output alternators. […]

High amp alternator for Ford E Series

The popularity of Ford E-series vans is unparalleled – rarely do companies and consumers turn to other heavy-duty vans for high performance and durability. What are these vans often used for? E-series vans are commonly used as construction and maintenance vehicles, mobile restaurants, utility vehicles, and even ambulances. Many E-350 and E-450 vans are specifically […]

High amp alternator for Ford F Series

One of the most popular series of trucks, the Ford F series is built Ford tough, durable, and meant for all types of on and off-road situations. Let’s think for a moment what heavy-duty trucks are actually used for. They’re not typically family vehicles, they are poor commuter vehicles, and rarely are they used for […]

Why does a heavy duty vehicle require a special alternator?

Looking back at commuter cars or SUVs for a second, let’s think again about the electrical load required to be satisfied by their alternators. There are not electrically powered devices beyond the radios, dash and head lights, and heating/air conditioning fans that alternators need to power. In a vehicle such as a fire truck, however, […]