Eco-Tech 14V 325A P-305-I High Amp Alternator at Idle

Since market introduction in mid-2002, patented Eco-Tech 14V high amp Alternators have been installed and used successfully by both original equipment and aftermarket fleet operators. Eco-Tech Alternators provide superior high output at idle performance (80% of rated output at idle) and unmatched efficiency have been experienced in diesel powered military boats; fire trucks; ambulances; utility company bucket trucks; school, shuttle and party buses; commercial fishing boats, and other applications where significant operating time at idle occurs at low engine speeds.

The P-305-I conforms to the SAE specification, that is, it has a four-bolt pad mount with 4.25” center-to-center between the lengthwise mounting holes. Pad mount model alternators employ fixed mounts and make use of automatic belt tensioners. Some engine alternator brackets can accommodate six mounting bolts while the alternators use four. The Eco-Tech P-305-I is available with 5” instead of the standard 4.25” distance between mounting holes as a by request option. To check for clearance prior to installation, measure the distance from rear of old alternator pulley to the overall clearance length available for the Eco-Tech Alternator. The fit length required for Eco-Tech Alternator is 9”. The existing alternator pulley will interchange and Alternator belts will align properly.

Weight 44 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 11 × 11 in


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Unpacking, Installation & Warranty

Features & Benefits

  • Eco-Tech 14V alternators generate 260A (80% of rated full output) at 1,800 alternator RPM’s, which is engine idle.  Idle output is about 2 and 1/2 times the output of similar size claw pole (Lundell) alternators.
  • Designed for vehicles that spend significant operating time at idle.
  • High efficiency of 80% @ 1800 Alternator RPM
  • Eliminate the 50% fuel usage increase caused by high idle
  • Patented technology
  • Voltage set point 14.4 V
  • Remote sensing
  • Permanent magnet and wound rotor design
  • One wire hook up, self exciting
  • Soft start
  • Large brushes for longer life
  • Heavy duty bearings
  • Over voltage protection
  • Load dump protection
  • Three high efficiency internal fans
  • Internal regulator