A transit bus oMCI D4505  Motor Coachften sits at idle for very long periods of time, and must be in top condition, stopping and starting with regularity every day. When a “regular” alternator is placed in a specialty vehicle such as a transit bus, not only can it take a toll on the engine, it also drains the battery. When a large vehicle sits at ideal for long periods of time, the engine must put in some overtime, as the RPMs spike. Similarly, an engine at idle requires a larger electrical output, and an engine at idle sees a voltage spike every time it sits for a period of time. On the other hand, an Eco-Tech alternator uses patented magnet technology to produce a high output at a low RPM speed.

For example, one of our most popular models, the Eco-Tech 305-I alternator, can produce approximately 260 Amperes of power while an engine idles at 1,800 RPMs. Its non-Eco-Tech counterparts can produce roughly that same amount of power at 2,000 RPMs, taking a greater toll on the engine. An engine that must work hard to produce a high output requires more maintenance, more labor, and more money to fix it, costing companies and drivers money in the long run. An engine that runs more efficiently needs to be serviced less.

A specialty vehicle such as a transit bus also requires more electrical power, whether or not it is sitting at idle, when compared with a regular car, truck, or SUV. For example, a transit bus has electrical configurations such as wheel chair lift, warning lights and sounds, and lift gates. An Eco-Tech alternator allows the battery and wiring to move seamlessly, never causing a spike in electrical current.

Above and beyond engine and electrical system benefits, an alternator that runs more efficiently simply requires less fuel for the vehicle. An installed Eco-Tech alternator can substantially decrease fuel costs, and can cause up to 50 percent less engine drag, thereby keeping more money in your pocket.

To learn more about the overall efficiency and performance of an Eco-Tech alternator and how it works in a transit bus, please give Eco-tech a call today at (203) 230-3000 to speak with a knowledgeable, professional member of our staff.